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Engagement für Menschen und Rechte e.V. (Commitment for People and Rights, registered association)
Health care for people “without insurance and documents”
in the region of Bocholt, Rhede, Isselburg
Ostwall 39
46397 Bocholt

Represented by:
Ulrik Störzer
Inge Kunz
Beate Bäumer-Messink

Ulrik Störzer,
Inge Kunz,
Beate Bäumer-Messink,
Phone: +49 (0) 2781 – 21 91 585

Register entry:
Engagement für Menschen und Rechte e.V. is entered in the register of associations, court of registration Coesfeld County Court, register number: VR-7113, and recognised as non-profit making and for the promotion of charitable purposes as well as because of the promotion of public health care by the exemption certificate of the Inland Revenue Office Borken, tax no. 307/5930/1374, of 4 October 2013

Donations account:
Engagement für Menschen und Rechte e.V.
Stadtsparkasse Bocholt
IBAN: DE98 4285 0035 0100 0213 10

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Ulrik Störzer
Ostwall 39
46397 Bocholt

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