Approx. 80,000 people live without health insurance nationwide. According to the legal situation this should be impossible. In this case it is irrelevant from which social class these people stem. As they grow older self-employed persons can, under certain circumstances, not afford to continue to pay the rising contributions to the private health insurance. From the age of 55 years old it is almost impossible to return to the statutory health insurance. Students also have to finance their health insurance independently, which can become a problem with a longer study period. EU citizens, who stay in another member country for longer than six months and do not perform any gainful employment, can also lose the entitlement to a statutory health insurance. Homeless people and refugees without a residence permit are not entered in the statistics which should drive the number of people without health insurance even higher.

80,000 people without health insurance

The shame to live without health insurance means that sick persons often hesitate to take advantage of medical help. It occurs quite frequently that an illness that can be treated often turns into a chronic illness with permanent damage. perceives itself as a central director of aid organisations, which voluntarily offer medical support to people without health insurance. Needy persons hereby have an anonymous and central point of contact in the search for medical help. is not exclusively directed at people without health insurance. If you would like to make a contribution yourself you will find an overview of the aid organisations in this directory, in which voluntary work is urgently required. Not only doctors of the various specialist fields, but also psychologists, physiotherapists, freelance midwives and doctor’s assistants, pharmacists and translators are always in demand.